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Inflatable Pool Patch Kit

The heavy-duty vinyl patch kit for inflatable pool models is perfect for any water-based product. This kit includes a repair patch kit, which is perfect for maintaining your inflatable pool; while the base provides a place to store your pool during transport. The patch kit also includes common name collection kits for keep track of your pool's location on the property. And finally a pool patch tool. This tool is perfect for making quick and easy repairs to your inflatable pool.

Inflatable Pool Patch Kit Target

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Best Inflatable Pool Patch Kit

This inflatable pool patch kit is perfect for maintenance or repair. It includes a wet set patch kit and a patch bag. The patch kit can be used for pvc inflatable pools. The patch bag will help keep the patch kit clean and free of bugs. The patch kit is heavy-duty and can take direct use or emergency service. The kit comes with one 50% waxed cotton fabric patch and one 30% water-based adhesive tape. thisfixable pool patch kit is the perfect solution for addressing pool problems and repairs. With 10 pieces of self-adhesive pvc, you can usually fix pool problems in a snap, and thisfixable pool patch kit has a great blue color that will look good in any pool. this product is a patch kit that consists of 20 pieces that need to be attached to a pool in order to work. The patch kit is self-adhesive and will adhere well to any material.