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Inflatable Pool 12 X 36

This inflatable pool has 12 x 36 legs, making it wide enough to accommodate a 12 x 36-unit swimming pool, but short enough to fit a 36-unit swimming pool easily. It has a quick set system that sets the size andipples on the largest piece of water content, making it easy to set up. The pool has a pump to provide power, and a water level indicator to make sure the pool is at a consistent level.

36 Inch Deep Inflatable Pool

Are many reasons why a 36 inch deep inflatable pool would be a great choice for a home or office. First, it can be easily converted to a swimming pool by lowering the water depth to a level which is comfortable to swim in. This will let you work or swim in the pool while keeping your body and belongings safe and secure. Additionally, the pool can be easily cleaned as it features an automatic cleaning system. no matter what your needs are, we have a36 inch deep inflatable pools that will fit the bill. Contact us today to learn more!

Inflatable Pool 12x36

This inflatable pool is a great way to increase your summer time spend. It is 12x36 in size and features a water feature with 36 inch intervals. It is inflatable with a built in pump and features an inflatable bottom which loves to rise up when filled with water. The pool can be easilypacked and delivered to your door. this 12x36 inch inflatable pool is perfect for kids who want to swimming and fun. This pool can be easily controlled with a handle and is high-quality construction that will never seem to fill up. This pool can easily accommodate kids and families. Add this pool to your scene today! this inflatable pool is perfect for summer fun! It is 12 feet wide and 36 inches deep. It is open-top so you can fill it up with water and have a swimming pool fun time! The pool will love the added level of depth, and can hold 36 people at once. It is 12 ft in length with 36 in width, and is made from durable materials such as plastic and plastic. The pool has a quick set inflatable system, and can be easily assembled with help from basic tools.